Mullayanagiri Peak

Mullayanagiri is part of the Baba Budan Giri hill ranges and is the highest peak in Karnataka. It stands at 1930 meters (6,330 ft). There is a small temple on top of the hill and the small hillock in the temple compound is the highest point in Karnataka. It is an excellent terrain for a trekking and is just 18 Kms north of Lotuspond..

Baba Budan Giri

Located 25 Kms north of Lotuspond is the Baba Budan Range or Chandra Drona Parvatha as it was known in the ancient times, which has one of the highest mountain peaks between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris. The peak takes its name from saint, Baba Budan, who resided here more than 150 years ago. Mountain ranges are accessible by 4 wheelers and the drive is amazing and picturesque

Deviramma Betta

Located 20 Kms north of Lotus Pond is Devigiri, named after goddess Deviramma and has a temple right on top of the peak and is accessible by walk only. The temple opens only during Deepavali festival and devotees have to trek from the base of the mountain to reach the temple


Located 45 Kms north of Lotuspond is Kemmangundi, a scenic hill station on the Baba Budan range of hills. Kemmangundi, at a height of 1,434 meters, is surrounded by thick forests and has a pleasant climate round the year. It is ringed by the Baba Budangiri range and blessed with silver cascades of mountain streams and lush vegetation. For the adventurous, Kemmangundi offers many peaks to scale and intricate of jungle paths to explore. This place has a beautiful Rose Garden along with many other attractions. There is a spot called Z-point which is about 10 minutes walk from rose garden which offers an incredible ariel view of the grass lands of Western Ghats.

Bhadra Wldlife Sanctuary

Located 38 kms north - west of Chickmagalur town is Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary surrounded by hills has the tributaries of the Bhadra River flowing through it. The western border of the sanctuary abuts the back waters of the Bhadra Reservoir which has a catchment area of 1,968 kms. Surrounded by scenic hills and steep slopes, it has a diverse and exciting range of wildlife like - bison, elephants, tiger, panther, sambar, spotted deer, wild boar, porcupine, more that 100 species of rare birds, reptiles and snakes.

Hebbe falls

This beautiful waterfall is located around 10kms from Kemmangundi. This waterfall is inside a coffee plantation is accessible by 4 wheelers or by Taxis from Kemmangundi. Water streams down from a height of 168 meters in two stages to form Dodda Hebbe (Big Falls) and Chikka Hebbe (Small Falls) to form Hebbe falls.

Kalathigiri Falls

Located 10 kms away from Kemmangundi is Kallahathigiri falls, also known as Kalahasti falls. Water cascades from the top of the Chandra Drona Hill from a height of 122 meters amidst fascinating scenery.

Rathnagiri Bore (Play Park for children)

Rathnagiri Bore is a small hill located on the northern side of Chikmaglur town and has Children’s Play Park located on top of the small hill. Located on a vital spot, it gives the most beautiful sight of 'Mullayanagiri' on the back drop with ever-changing natural scenario. Clouds and fog playing around the top of the hill, is really the most wanted place for visitors of all ages.


Located 90 Kms south-west of Chickmagalur town is Kudremukh (horse face) range, named because of the unique shape and resemblance to a horse face. Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the broad hills are chained to one another with deep valley & steep precipices. Situated at 1,894.3 meters above sea level, Kudremukh is rich in iron ore deposits. There is rich flora and fauna here, waiting to be discovered, Kudremukh is a paradise trekkers and has numerous trails.

Belur & Halebedu

Belur and Halebedu are the twin towns which are located in the Hassan district of Karnataka. These twin towns’ houses among some of the most finely casted Temples built during the Hoysala Empire. Belur is situated at the distance of 222 Km from Bangalore and Halebid is another 16 Km away. These Temple towns are located on Bangalore – Chickmagalur highway. Tourist attractions here are the temples showcasing the outstanding work of art.
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